"IMS Noida, the only institute in India where we teach how to be fully equipped for the uncertain NEXT"

I am personally very excited about the transformation that is underway at IMS Noida where the focus is on "Delivering Next", to prepare students to be ready for the industry and to learn not about past but about the shape of things to come future. With the help of world renowned professors, IMS is radically changing its curriculum, infrastructure, teaching methods and industry interface to meet this challenge of "Delivering Next". IMS Noida will be a unique place to discover oneself as focus will be on customized training based on harnessing the strength of each student. In this journey towards Next, the focus will be on developing each individual by imparting knowledge on Next, personality development and communication skills along with team building. We have created the first of its kind, by any institute in India,

I am very happy to welcome our next batch of exuberant, young aspirants to the Institute.We look forward to our new entrants to come up to the expectations of the Institute and be part of this dynamic momentum that we have set for ourselves.

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Gupta,

"To impart the 'Next', we have identified high impact skill sets for all sunrise industries."

'Delivering Next' is all about our approach here at IMS. It is not a statement of vision but a practical approach wherein we inculcate the skill sets that train students to be the best asset for the industry. Our IT programs are clearly unique in their methodology and curriculum and aim to super-skill our students who could then deliver quick and accurate results from day one. To impart the 'Next', we have identified sunrise industries where we will be training students in practical scenarios and thereby developing the skills to suit them to specific roles that they will undertake in the industries. The need for developed skill sets in the industry is a clear void that we are aiming to fill.

We are proud to present this as well as other key differentiators like Personality Development, as part of the course structure.

IMS Noida is the only institute where you learn to predict the uncertain future by being part of it. That really is the essence of 'Delivering Next'. Visit IMS, feel the difference and learn the Next.

Prof. J. P. Sharma (Jai Prakash Sharma), Director Academics & Research
Immediate Past Head, Department of Commerce, and Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Business,
Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi

Welcome to the IMS Law College. In the fast changing global scenario and fierce competition in legal world, particularly in the developing countries like ours has changed the mind set of young generation. The competition has forced students to look beyond horizon without leaving any stone unturned and search for new opportunities

It is a matter of great pleasure to offer real life training in the field of law for new generation students which was not available to my contemporaries. It is a matter of great pride to witness this radical change in the field of legal education. We, at IMS Law College, are endorsing the practical learning approach which is demand of the changing educational set-up. In IMS Law College the academic rigour enables the students to strive for opportunity to travel from class room to court room, including the Apex Court and facilitates their worldwide absorbability.

IMS Law College maintains a strong and effective interface with the elites of law, sharing of ideas with eminent legal luminaries’ globally, throughout the year that enables the students to develop their potential which helps them to excel among new race.
Knowledge is empowerment and the difference is excellence. Dreams will automatically follow when the reality is chased. Generally, it is said, “Sky is the limit,” but IMS Law College believes, “Sky is not the limit”.

With this we look forward for a great and rewarding career ahead.

Dr. K. S. Bhati
Professor and Dean

Law at IMS is taught with a combination of the best traditional and modern methods of both textual and practical studies. With a perfect balance of academics and extra curricular activities, we ensure that our students will have knowledge of law as well as essential moral values. We are dedicated to provide innovative and high-quality opportunities for our students to acquire the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for entry and success in the professional practice of law. In today's transcending world, the function of education has changed from teaching to learning which casts a mutual responsibility upon the institution as well as students to make the education cannon loaded with power and progress. We make sure that our graduates are prepared for both the contemporary demands they will face when they enter the profession, as well as the challenges they will face in the future.

Welcome to the passionate, compassionate learning culture and to a warm academic community.

Dr. Niti Sinha,
Head of Department, SOL

IMS Noida


A-8B, IMS Campus Sector-62 Noida-201303 Uttar Pradesh (India)


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