Guest Lecture on topic An Overview of Labour Legislation

Event:  Guest Lecture on topic “An Overview of Labour Legislation.”

Date & Day: March 29, 2018 & Thrusday

IMS Law College organized a special guest lecture on the topic “An Overview of Labour Legislation” for the students of B.A., LL.B and LL.B. Dr. K. S. Bhati, Advocate, Supreme Court of India & Former Registrar, ILI was the guest speaker for the same at seminar hall, IMS Campus.

The event started with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. Dr. Niti Sinha, HoD, IMS Law College gave the welcome address in which she highlighted the need for labour legislation and its importance in industrialized world.

In his lecture, Dr. K. S. Bhati dealt with the historical background of the evolution of labour legislations in the different jurisdictions throughout the world. In his speech he emphasised the role and contribution of labourer/workmen in the production of a commodity.He also dealt with the specific labour legislations in India.

The important provisions of Payment of Wages Act, 1936, Minimum Wages Act,1948, Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, Factories Act 1948, Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, Maternity Benefit Act,1961 etc were elaborately discussed by him.

The lecture was followed by question and answer session. The students posed various questions related to labour laws which were answered very lucidly by the eminent guest speaker

Special Moot Court Competition

The Moot Court committee of IMS Law College organized a Special Moot Court Competition on March 21, 2018. The venue for the event was Moot Court Hall. The students from both B.A.LL.B and LL.B participated in the competition.

A moot court is an event where students get chance to see and to make themselves familiar with the procedures of the court in a simulating environment. A moot court makes them prepare for the challenges they have to face in actual court practice. A moot court event is very essential component of curriculum for any law school.

A total of four teams comprising of three members each took part in the event. Three members represented the appellant and the other three represented the respondent side. The moot problem was based on the facts of famous double murder of Aarushi and Hemraj which took place in the year 2008.

Special CBI Court awarded life imprisonment to parents in this case whereas the Hon’ble High Court granted acquittal on the ground that they could not be held guilty on the basis of evidence on record. The matter has come as an appeal before the Hon’ble Supreme Court for justice from the side of wife and family seeking justice for the deceased victim. CBI has also filed an SLP against the judgment of High Court. CBI has mentioned in SLP that the High Court has erred in reversing the well reasoned order of the trial court which had scrutinised the entire gamut of circumstantial evidence and rightly applied the “last seen with” theory in convicting the parents of deceased. Several appeals against the order of acquittal along with request for reinvestigation have also come from various NGO(s) of the country in public interest. These entire set of appeals and petitions stand clubbed and heard accordingly in this appeal.

Counsels from both the sides were well prepared with their arguments and point of law. They put all their oratory and advocacy skill to convince the judges to deliver a judgement in their favour.

Dr. Ashok Mishra, Principal, IMS Law College and Dr. Niti Sinha, HoD, IMS Law College were the judges for the event.

Panel Discussion on Surrogacy Laws and its Implementation on Women's Health

The Centre for Consumer Laws and Public Policy under IMS Law College organised a panel discussion on 30th October, 2017 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm for all the students of B.A, LL.B and LL.B .
The topic for panel discussion was “Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill,2016”.There were six members in the panel namely Moderator, Presenter, and Discussants. The programme commenced at 11 am with the Presenter introducing the topic of panel and the three issues to be discussed in detail. With the permission of the Moderator, the first Discussant presented her arguments and her views on the first issue for fifteen minutes. Afterwards the house was open for ten minutes and questions were asked by the audience. The second issue framed for the panel was discussed by the second and third discussants for fifteen minutes and then the house was again open for taking up questions from the audience. The fourth discussants put forward his arguments on the third issue and invited questions from the audience.
At the endthe Presenter summarized the whole discussion and the arguments put forward by the fourdiscussants and by the audience speakers. The house was then addressed by Dr. T N Prasad (Dean) and Dr.Niti Sinha (HoD) who put forward their views on the panel and on the participants.

Guest Lecture on Laws of War

IMS Law College has organized Guest Lecture on Laws of War for LL.B –III Sem & B A LL. B –V Sem students on November 07, 2017 by Dr. Rashmi Salpekar at Seminar Hall.
Dr. Rashmi Salpekar is Dean, VLS, New Delhi. She has specialization in Public International Law, International Criminal Law, International Trade Law and Human Rights. Guest lecture was commenced with introduction and welcoming of the guest speaker by Dr. Niti Sinha. While dealing with Laws of War she has focused on four Geneva Convention and its two Protocol as well as crime against peace, crime against humanity. She discussed various war situations vividly.
The session ended with lots of positive appreciation, sharing of knowledge content with cheerful environment. The lecture was very informative and the students enjoyed it. It was very much interactive.

Guest Lecture on Practical Aspects of Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing and Professional Ethics and Accountability of Lawyers

IMS Law College has organised a guest lecture for the students of B.A,LL.B (7TH Semester) and LL.B (3RD and 5TH Semester). The venue for the programme was Seminar hall.
The special lecture was delivered by Mr. Shailendra Singh, advocate Supreme Court of India on the topics of “Practical Aspects of Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing” and “Professional Ethics and Accountability of Lawyers”.
The programme commenced at 11:30 am on 31.10.17 with Mr. Amit Kumar,Assistant Professor introducing the Guest lecturer to the audience.
Mr. Shailendra Kumar spoke on various practical aspect associated with drafting, pleading and conveyancing in the first session. In the second session he dealt with the professional ethics and its various components. He also answered several queries of the audience.
The entire lecture was very enriching for the students.

Law Quiz

IMS Law College organised a Law Quiz on August 18, 2017 in the areas of constitutional law. The programme started with the motivating addresses of Dr Tarak Nath Prasad, Dean-law and Dr Niti Sinha-HoD-law. In all, there were ten teams, each team comprising of two students who participated in the event. Total five teams qualified the first round and three teams reached the final round. The winners of the quiz competition -Ms. Jyoti Tiwari (Vth Semester, B.A.LL.B) & Ms. Shweta Sharma (Vth Semester, B.A.LL.B) and The runner up team -Mr. Vasu Chaudhary (VIIth Semester, B.A.LL.B) and Mr. Fahim Khan (VIIth Semester, B.A.LL.B) were awarded with trophies and citations where as all other contesting teams were given away participating certificates.
The competition was coordinated by Ms. Shilpi Yadav (Assistant Professor) and Mr.Govind Prasad Goyal (Assistant Professor) under guidance of Dr. Tarak Nath Prasad (Dean, IMS Law College) and Dr. Niti Sinha (Professor and HoD).

Induction Programme

The aim of the programme was to give the students who are joining the IMS Law College a bird’s eye view about various dimensions of law and the career opportunities for the law students and to acquaint them with the systems and procedures of the college. Dr Prasad presented Good luck Plant to guest of honour Ms Lakshika Joshi and Dr Sinha to guest of honour Adv Jose Abraham. Ms Lakshika Joshi (Lead IP Counsel Global and Addntl. Vice President Legal Aricent Group) stressed that students should be passionate and hardworking for becoming good professionals. Adv Jose Abraham (Advocate On Record, Supreme Court), the guest of honor told about the ample opportunities available to the law graduates and how one needs to equip for tomorrow’s professional innings. He emphasized on the habit of reading and writing down important judgments in a case diary. Dr J. K. Mittal (Principal-IMS) welcomed the students to the second phase of their life which is college life and highlighted on the contribution a lawyer can make to build this nation. Next was address by the resource person from QAI (English Certification) who really grounded the need for English language in the globalizing world. An inspiring and resourceful input was given by Dr. Kamaljit Singh Anand (Executive Director). He stressed on the need to read and how to communicate effectively. The need to be multi lingual was also stressed. Mementos were given to the guests of honor. Address by Ashraf (ICDL) gave the students an insight into digital literacy, which he said is a necessity in the legal profession. Dr. Niti Sinha (HoD, Law College) gave an introduction to the IMS, Law College. A vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Shilpa Bagade, Assistant Professor.
Thereafter, the post lunch session included Faculty Introduction, Address by Alumna Ms Richa Pandey followed by cultural activities by Senior students. Dr Niti Sinha presented the academic policies such as attendance and examination. The freshers had light moments when they identified images of the legal eagle during “Image Identification Game”. The correct responses were awarded with chocolates and gifts. The event ended with the screening of law- based movie “Kanoon”

Bar Council of India Visit

The Bar Council of India organized a ceremony in honour of newly appointed Chief Justice of India, Dipak Mishra at the auditorium of Bar Council of India office, New Delhi. IMS Law College, Noida was also invited to attend the said programme. A team comprising of faculty members and students was led by Dr. Niti Sinha, Head of Department, IMS Law College, Noida. Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court Gita Mittal, judges from different High Courts, Attorney General for India K K Venugopal, Additional Solicitor General Pinky Anand, Senior Advocate Ram Jethmalani and other legal luminaries also attended the ceremony. Manan Kumar Mishra, Chairman, Bar Council of India gave the welcome speech. President of the Supreme Court Bar Association R S Suri spoke about Justice Misra’s fascination with literature, especially Shakespeare. He also assured Justice Misra that the entire Bar is with him in all his endeavours. Mr. Suri also highlighted the knowledge of economics by the lawyers. Senior Advocate Ram Jethmalani announced his retirement during his speech. Justice Mishra, while addressing the gathering, expressed his gratitude to all present. He said that judges learn from lawyer everyday and that he makes it a point to know the names of the lawyers appearing before him and tries to recall them at the next encounter.

Symposium  on the topic  Declaration of River Ganga and Yamuna as Legal Person: Issues and Challenges.

According to the list of co-curricular activities mentioned in the academic calendar for the law courses i.e. B.A, LL.B and LL.B, a Legal Counseling Camp/ Symposium/Guest Lecture is to be conducted for the students pursuing the said courses at IMS Law College. Pursuant to the same, a symposium was conducted on 15th September 2017 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm for all the odd semesters of B.A, LL.B and LL.B courses.
The topic for symposium was Declaration of River Ganga and Yamuna as Legal Person: Issues and Challenges. There were four members in the panel for the symposium namely Moderator, Presenter, Discussants and Rappoteurs.
The programme commenced at 11 am with the Presenter introducing the topic of symposium and the three issues to be discussed in detail. With the permission of the Moderator, the first Discussant presented her arguments and her views on the first issue for fifteen minutes. Afterwards the house was open for ten minutes and questions were asked by the audience. The second issue framed for the symposium was discussed by the second moderator for fifteen minutes and then the house was again open for taking up questions from the audience. The third Moderator put forward her arguments on the third issue and invited questions from the audience.
At the endthe Presenter summarized the whole discussion and the arguments put forward by the three Discussants and by the audience speakers. The house was then addressed by Dr. T N Prasad (Dean) and Dr.Niti Sinha (Hod) who put forward their views on the symposium and on the participants.

‘THE HELMART’ (The Helmet Beautifying Art Contest)

IMS Law college, introduced a groundbreaking new event ‘THE HELMART’ aggrandized as The Helmet Beautifying Art Contest on 26th Sept 2017.According to the year 2016 survey on Road Accidents in India, two wheelers accounted for 33.8% and 10,135 two wheeler riders which accounted to 19.3% were reported to be not wearing Helmet (Source :
In order to bring awareness in the youth to understand the value of life, students of IMS Law college took part in the event of helmet named “ THE HELMART 2017” and exemplified the beauty of life by decorating and designing the helmets emphasizing the safety measures of wearing helmets. The Event Helmart 2017 began with the ceremony of lightning of the lamp by Dr. T N Prasad (Dean Sir), Dr. Niti Sinha (HOD), Dr. Shilpa Bagade and Mr. Amit Kumar (Faculties), Andrina D’Souza and Vani Gopal (Students). The event was further taken up by motivating words of our Dean Sir and HOD Mam. Additionally guidelines were given and the competition began. Students of whole IMS college participated with great enthusiasm and worked hard to set up the best model as an astounding helmet. All the students were supposed to explain their concept behind putting up a meticulous helmet. With the passage of time competition increased and so the decision making took some time. But in the end we saw the best model…the stars of the day Nitin Juyal and Taranpreet Kaur as winners and were awarded cash prize of Rs. 1000/- along with the certificate and memento for their prodigious and stunning masterpiece. The second prize winners were Vani Gopal and Ashwani Singh they received Rs. 500/- cash prize along with certificate and memento. In the end Mrs.Shruti Soni gave vote of thanks and all the participants were given participation certificates along with small painting kits. . It was organised by Mr. Govind Goyal and Mrs. Shruti Soni. This event proved to be a stupendous concept of ‘ Beauty With Law’.

In an endeavor to analyze the Union Budget 2017, an event “Analysis of Budget 2017 was organized under the banner of IMS Centre for Consumer Laws and Public Policy (IMSCCLPP) in IMS campus on February 3, 2017.

Legal Awareness Programme - “Talk/Awareness Camp on Laws Relating to Women”

To be legally aware is to be legally empowered which means that only when people aware of their rights that they can be empowered to fight for them. In terms of females, it becomes particularly important to be aware since they we are predominantly vulnerable to frequent legal abuses. Recognizing the need to impart legal awareness to women, IMS Law College had organized an awareness camp on February 9th in IMS campus .


IMS Law College organized a visit to observe and see the proceeding and functioning of National Lok Adalat and Awareness Program on ADR Mechanism and Legal Service Provided by DLSA at Karkoodama Court Delhi on 11.2.2017 for law students.

A special session on “Socio-legal Journey from Classroom to Courtroom”

A special session on “Socio-legal Journey from Classroom to Courtroom” by Prof. Satya Prakash Garg, Dean, Faculty of Law, CCS University, Meerut and his colleagues, Dr Vikram Pratap Singh, Assistant Professor, and Dr Ashok Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor, N.A.S. Meerut was organized on February 22, 2017 at IMS seminar hall.

B.A., LL.B & LL.B (Old Semester) Induction Program on 14th February, 2017

The one day induction program for the existing students of B.A, LL.B & LL.B was organised by IMS Law College, Noida on February 14, 2017. The program started with the auspicious lamp lighting ceremony followed by Saraswati Vandana.


Every educational institution plays important role in inculcating confidence in their students and provide them the forum wherein they can discuss and put their views on issues that have national importance. Keeping this objective in mind and commencing the tradition of panel discussion under the forum of Paricharcha IMS Law College had organised a panel discussion on the topic Democracy v. Coalition of political parties before and After the Election on March 6, 2017.


Read More: IMS Law College Faculty attended the Panel Discussion “Charcha” organized by Doordarshan on 22nd January, 2016. Students attended the Panel Discussion “Charcha” on the topic of Relevance of Fundamental Duties.


Read More: IMS Law college and Center for Consumer Laws and Public Policy organized an interactive session on the topic of Consumer Protection as a Career on 16th February, 2016 .We as a consumer are exploited in many ways e.g. sale of unsafe products, adulteration and hoarding of goods, using wrong weights and measures, charging excessive prices and sale of inferior quality goods, etc. It is our prime responsibility to raise voice against the exploitation and create some mechanism to stop this kind of wrong doing.To accomplishes this objective an interactive session on the topic of Consumer Protection as a Career was conducted. The invited guest of this event was Mr.Bijon Mishra (Founder of Consumer Online Foundation and External Chair of IMS Centre for Consumer Law and Policy).


Read More: IMS Law college and Center for Consumer Laws and Public Policy organized the discussion (Charcha) on Budget 2016-17 on 2nd March 2016. Budget has a significant impact on the lives of the public, and therefore it is the prime responsibility of the citizen to be aware about the policies of the government and discuss on their relevance as well. Today the present government introduced the budget 2016 in the parliament and the entire citizen is enthusiastic to know the upcoming public policy of the government.


Read More: IMS Law College organized Induction Program of B.A, LL.B and LL.B on 14th March 2016 for the old students. Dean Academic addresses to students regarding importance of legal profession and stressed upon ‘hard work is key to success for the excellence in the field of litigation, judicial service and corporate world. Faculty members discuss their session plans of subjects which have been allotted to them in even semester taught along with the introduction of their clubs and activities going to be held in future. At last students were awarded for their excellence in the field of best in academics, attendance and discipline for their club activities.


Read More: Faculty of IMS Law College, Noida participated in a event organized by Quality Council of India (QCI) – AIMED on 15th March, 2016. On the occasion of World Consumer Right Day, Quality Council of India (QCI) - AIMED organized a voluntary initiative on medical device of ICMED Certification Scheme & Release of Report by Consumer Online Foundation on Consumer Friendly stated in India which was held at Jacaranda Hall, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road. Centre for Consumer Laws and Public Policy, Noida was invited by Mr. Bejon Kumar Misra (Founder of Consumer Online Foundation and External Chair of IMS Centre for Consumer Law and Policy).


Read More: Faculty of IMS Law College, Noida presented paper at Wadham College, Oxford on 21 March and 22 March, 2016. The University of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world; it is famous throughout the world for academic excellence and collegiate research. The Oxford Symposium was organized on Population, Migration, and the Environment at Wadham College, Oxford. This interdisciplinary conference was an opportunity for scientists and policy makers to present papers and to be engaged in discourse relevant to sustainability, human welfare and progress. Dr. Niti Sinha, Professor and HoD, & Dr. Shilpa Bagade, Assistant Professor, IMS Law College, Noida, presented their research paper at Oxford Symposium on Population, Migration, and the Environment.


Read More: IMS Law college and Center for Consumer Laws and public policy organized a Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Electronic Education And Contemporary Laws on 7th, April, 2016. The resource person for the event Mr Rajeev Jain, said that the topic is of great relevance today since there are many facilitators who are making offers to the learners but as such law has surfaced nowhere in sight to curb the malpractices or the duping tactics of the “certificate printing houses”.


Read More: Moot Court Committee of IMS Law College organized Moot Court Oratory Skill Session on 18th May, 2016. With a view to give global exposure to the students to accord their talent at an international level & it also as a bonus, proves to be a great exercise to help gain perspective, know how to become industry relevant and future ready. A moot court is an extracurricular activity at law schools in which students participates in simulated court proceedings, which usually involves drafting briefs (memorials) and participating in oral argument. As a part of academic exercise, students are prepared with the help of faculty members to participate in National as well as International level Moot Court Competitions held in India and abroad.


Read More: IMS Law College organized a visit to High Court of Delhi for all the B.A., LL.B and LL.B students on 19th May, 2016.Courts are regarded as the temples of justice. Any person who is aggrieved by the action of another takes his resort in the court to get his grievance redress. For every law students who intends to pursue his career as a lawyer and is preparing to develop his career plans, he will be much benefited if he gets an opportunity to observe intensely the procedures carried out in the courts. Court visits are included in legal education curriculum to provide the students with an opportunity to study by observing a live court room. For achieving above stated object IMS Law college organized High Court Visit for students.


Read More: IMS Law College, Noida Organized A National Seminar On ‘Development Of Scs & Sts In Globalised World: Legal Issues And Challenges’ in Collaboration With Center For Consumer (Protection) Laws And Public Policy (Cclpp), On May 21, 2016.It also aimed to deliberate on these issues and map the challenges and prospects for Dalit and Adivasi community in the entire development endeavors made by the legal machinery and Government. In response to the call of papers, more than 50 research papers were received. Majority of the participants were either young researchers or faculty members or research scholars with delegates from different law colleges and universities.


Read More: IMS Law College organized a grand farewell party on 24th May, 2016. Farewell party ideas need to be unique at the same time charming and meaningful. To say goodbye to anyone is a tough task, but you just can’t avoid it. So it is better to enjoy the last moments of togetherness instead of being sad and down. This is the main reason which lies behind the organization of farewell parties.


Read More: My Campus My Life event was organized by IMS Institute on 04th June, 2016 .Reunion is the moment when pass out students remember the past memories and College recognized their efforts put forth within and out of the campus. More than 100 alumni had participated in this event. It was a wonderful occasion to meet and share the experiences with the students who graduated and post graduated from the Institute over the past few years, especially the seniors who are placed in good places.

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